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  • Perfect for special garments
  • Ideal gifts
  • Packed in sets of three

Padded coathangers will protect those special garments in your wardrobe like cashmere knitwear, silk blouses and your favourite dresses.  Most of the ones that I stock are covered in cotton fabric with embroidered designs.  Beautiful for hanging wedding and bridesmaids dresses, they are pretty and practical and make a useful gift standby at any time of year.  With so many designs to choose from I hope you will see one you like.

Packed in cellophane in sets of three hangers you may order three of the same design or have a mix 'n match pack of your own choosing, perhaps two blue rose and one pink or two pink floral and one blue.  If you would like to order your own choice please email me at [email protected] or call 01263 860891 / 07876 238603 to discuss.

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