About Victoria Goss Online

Kay, the owner of Victoria Goss


Hello,  I'm Kay, the owner of Victoria Goss and this is why I became a retailer of the beautiful cotton nightwear that you can buy in my online shop.


I first discovered white cotton nightwear in a marquee at the Royal Norfolk Show one summer long, long ago.       It was love at first sight - I was completely captivated by the rails of be-ribboned, lacy nightdresses that filled my teenage imagination with visions of romantic heroines.  I so badly wanted one for myself but my pocket money wouldn't stretch that far!.

When I could afford one, Margo, shown on the left, was the first one that I bought.

Margo Nightdress

Fast forward many years and the dream of opening my own shop was coming true.  The key focus of the shop was to be on products that were made from natural materials and core to this were my long time favourite white cotton nightdresses.  I couldn't wait to introduce them to my customers who I hoped would fall as deeply in love with them as I have..


Ruth Nightdress

Fourteen years later, as you can imagine, I have a drawer full of white cotton nighties in every be-ribboned, lacy style imaginable - has this diminished their magic for me?  Far from it!  My inner teenage self opens that drawer with joyful anticipation every time and chooses which one to wear with enormous delight whist my more mature self really appreciates the  relief and comfort that only a nightdress made of natural cotton fabric can bring.. 

These days my little shop in Holt is gone but my online shop still aims to bring the pleasure of owning a divinely romantic nightdress made of breathable cotton fabric to as many women as possible.  I hope you will be one of them.

I named my business Victoria Goss after my Grandmother, it seemed an appropriate choice for a shop that sold the kind of nightwear  that she would have worn and I’d like to think that my exceptional customer service is as friendly and attentive as Granny would expect so please dont hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries as you can be assured that I can answer them from my own personal experience.   

Gift Wrap Example

Being sustainable is very important to me.  All parcels are sent out in traditional brown packaging paper sealed with brown paper tape.  

Gift wrap is available at a small extra cost and is as shown here using recycled and recyclable paper wrap, a re-usable ribbon and sprig of flowers.  Parcels are taken to be posted daily at my local Post Office, just over a mile away, by me on my very modern, sustainable electric bicycle.

Christmas Gift Wrap Example

I hope you enjoy your visit and please do sign up for my newsletter, see the link below, which has regular promotional codes and competitions which are only offered to subscribers.  Happy shopping! ~ Kay