Meet the Maker - Aura Que

Ethically Handmade

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  • Slip-on Felted Wool Slippers - Mustard Yellow

Designed in London, Aura Que products are made in Nepal working with producer groups who are members of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) and the Nepal Fair Trade Group, but also with some fantastic small family businesses and other charity handicraft units that are not as well established.   Local people are most important to this Comapny and, with this in mind, opportunities for employment are offered to women allowing them to work more easily around their family comitments.  Those with disabilities and those who are discriminated against are also encouraged to work with Aura Que,

Handmade methods of production help to ensure traditional skills are kept alive and the environment is protected by the use of sustainable natural materials.  The slippers that Aura Que produce are lovingly hand-felted using 100% raw sheep wool, soap and water.  The sheep are left un-mulesed and the dyes used to colour the felt are azo free thereby helping to keep the waterways unpolluted.  Wool is one of the most sustainable fabrics in existence; renewable and biodegradable and it requires relatively little water for its production. 

Teal Green Slippers & Blue Floral Dressing Gown

Aura Que works with several charities in Nepal, most especially the Nepal Leprosy Trust which runs a hospital in Janakhpur  providing treatment for 30,000 patients a year.

Treatment for  leprosy patients  is given free of charge at this hospital.


Pomegranate Pink Felted Slippers & Floral Garden Dressing Gown