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Room Fragrance

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The are so many different ways to fragrance your home on the market these days, from plug ins to scented candles, it can be hard to choose. My favourite way is to use a reed diffuser - you've probably seen them in shops but if you've not tried one then read on.  A reed diffuser will give a depth of fragrance in a room similar in strength to a vase of scented flowers, in a large room the scent will be stronger closer to the source but in a small room it will be very noticeable.  Unlike a plug in, your home will not be overwhelmed with scent and, as there is nothing to light, you dont need to remember to blow it out.

First, choose your fragrance - you might like a light floral fragrance such as lavender & bergamot or maybe something heavier and more sultry like jasmine & tuberose.  Perhaps you're more of a citrussy person who will like something zesty like my personal favourite geranium & grapefruit.  For those with more neutral tastes ocean breeze and fresh linen are both clean, bright scents and Moroccan spice will add a touch of mystery to your atmosphere.

So, you've chosen your scent, now what? Carefully open your bottle of fragrance oil by removing both the metal cap which has a hole in the top and the tight plastic stopper beneath. Next add your reeds to the bottle - use as many as you need for the size of the room or the strength of the perfume - a small cloakroom propbably wont need as many reeds as a large living room unless you want a very strong scent. Replace the metal cap and position your diffuser where you want it.  Easy!  That's it done. The reeds will absorb the oil along their length and once it reaches the air it will evaporate leaving its pretty fragrance. These are particularly good to use if you ae shutting up your home for a while as they will carry on safely working whilst you are away unlike sprays and candles.

Your bottle of oil should last you approx. 3 months but if after a few weeks you think the smell is fading take the bottle to a sink and carefully lift out the reeds and turn them over and replace, the scent will soon regain its potency.  Please dont be tempted to do this over your furniture as accidental drips and spills may damage fabric and surfaces.

If you'd like to give one a try there are a selection of fragrances available on in the Interiors section.  I also have the refills if you get on well with one and packets of reeds if you want to change fragrance. You are very welcome to call me on 01263 711627 and request samples to smell before making your choice of fragrance.


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