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A Weekend Walk

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Today was not a great day weather wise but it was dry and mild, if a little grey, and after a busy week I needed to blow a few cobwebs away and get some fresh air so we went to Weybourne.

This is a typical North Norfolk coastal village with charming flintstoned cottages and a glorious windmill.  We parked in the village and set off down the path beside the windmill, me rather wishing I'd taken a scarf! At the bottom of the path are a row of terraced cottages clinging precariously to the cliff top, here we passed through a narrow gateway and set off along the cliffs into the wind.  The sea was graphite grey and the rollers were noisily breaking on the pebbled shore but the skylarks were singing their hearts out above us so we were encouraged to step it out across the tussocky grass.  There have been several recent cliff falls already so we stayed away from the edge getting in the way of a family on bicycles who passed us manouevering the rutted pathways cautiously.

After a good distance we branched to the right along a narrow pathway passing a little barn with a corrugated roof.  Over the railway bridge the blackberries gleamed in the hedge but we didnt linger.  Instead we crossed the busy coast road and made our way into Sheringham Park.  Beside the stubble fields we went, then passing the gateway into the park we turned to the right.  This track led us through the glowering woods where tree roots made a natural stairway and out into the light again for some wonderful vistas across the fields to the windmill and the sea.  As we walked we heard the whistle of the steam train leaving Weybourne station and to our delight were afforded an excellent view of it as it began its descent into Sheringham. 

By now a cup of tea was calling and a stop at  Weybourne station beckoned.  In the tea room we were tempted by flapjack and coffee cake which we ate with our tea on a station bench watching the world go by - or in this case various dogs in differing degrees of mud and their owners.

Refreshed once more we set off for the village and soon found ourselves opposite the impressive flintstone church.  On the gate beside the churchyard is a plaque with God's Acre written on it - this beautiful little poem can also be found in the porch of the church beside our previous house.

And that was it - a lovely, colourful walk on an autumn day with lots to see along the way and lungfulls of fresh sea air to enjoy.  Back to work tomorrow with a spring in the step I think!

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