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Dead Sea Bath Salts

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The fun of bathing in the Dead Sea, floating in its richly salted waters, is a holiday makers 'must do' whilst in the area. The Dead Sea is also renowned for its health benefits and has been visited since the days of the Ancient Egyptians for its therapeutic qualities. The waters contain 29% salt content compared to the 4% content in sea water making them denser and able to support bathers effortlessly.  Lying back in the waters enables the minerals in the salts to be absorbed through the skin and some of the benefits claimed are - helping to relieve rheumatism & arthritis, cleansing and detoxifying, soothing inflammation in acne and psoriasis and even a reduction in the depth of skin wrinkles - surely more pleasant than botox!

I have not been to the Dead Sea but I have tried bathing in the salt rich waters of Pedra de Lume on Cape Verde. Here sea water is drawn into shallow ponds separated by levees in the basin of an extinct volcano and left to naturally evaporate leaving the salts behind for harvesting and exporting. The setting is uncompromisingly barren and bathing there is a surreal experience, one which I would thoroughly recommend but, if you try it, wear something on your feet as some of the salt crystals in the mud beneath the water can be very sharp!


If you cant get to Jordan or Cape Verde you can create the wellness experience of this type of bathing by adding Dead Sea salts to your bath water.  These are readily available and many come with the additional benefit of essential oils which not only create a delicious fragrance but add their own therapeutic qualities to the experience. To enjoy this at home:  retreat to your bathroom, run a warm bath and add your favourite blend of Dead Sea salts, light a candle or two to create a relaxing ambience and, most importantly, lock the door to keep the children from disturbing you! Pure bliss!!


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