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How to choose a nightdress as a gift

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Christmas is almost here and Santa loves to gift a pretty nightdress but nightwear is a very personal choice and it can be quite difficult to choose one that will delight the recipient.

Lets imagine that you want to buy a cotton nightdress as a gift for "Mary", perhaps she has sensitive skin, or lives in a hot climate or maybe she has reached that age where she gets very hot at night. She might be someone you live with or she might be your aunt who lives in Australia.  If its the former you will have lots of opportunity to see her current choice of nightdress and can buy something similar but if this is not possible then here are some tips to help you choose the right one:

Consider the fabric of her day clothes first.  Does Mary wear synthetic fibre clothes or is she more of a natural fibre person.  This will help to determine what fabrics she might like to wear in bed and where you should shop. At Victoria Goss I have a range of lovely cotton nightwear for ladies that may suit her if she likes natural fibre clothes -

Next look at her dress style.  Is she a simple dresser wearing well cut dresses or blouses or is she more flamboyant with a love of ruffles and frills,? Does she like plain coloured clothes or coloured patterns? An elegant style to suit the simple dresser could be Clarissa or Lara.  For a fancier choice there is prettily beaded Nora or daintily frilled Valencia and both Flora and Cecily have coloured embroidery. 

Nora -   Nora - scene 2

Her height is a consideration too.  If she is a tiny lady choose a nightdress with a plain hemline such as the Stardreamer - styles that can be shortened if necessary without spoiling the look of the garment.  If she is very tall opt for a longer length style by Damask that will still look right if it is shorter than it is intended to be.

What is Mary's bodyshape?  Be sure to choose a cotton nightdress that will give her room to be comfortable in bed as they dont stretch but in general choose one to fit her bust rather than her hips as most of my white cotton nightdresses are intended to be full around the hips.

How old is Mary?  Youthful nightdress styles are Nicole, Ava and Gina.  Older ladies may prefer Emily or Flora - and ladies in the middle often choose Eleanor, Naomi - or Iris -

                    Ava - Nightdress - Ava

Where do you expect Mary to wear her cotton nightdress? Will she be seen in it - perhaps she has asked for one as she has a hospital admittance coming or maybe she wants to wear one on holiday in that villa she is renting with six friends?  If this is the case choose a cotton nightdress that has a little more opacity so that she will not feel embarrassed wearing it - the Powellcraft styles are suitable or Emily - by Damask is very full so will drape and provide modesty by hanging in more than one thickness.

Sleeves are a very personal choice.  If Mary is young and has pretty arms by all means choose a sleeveless style like Gina, Ava or Nicole.  If there is any doubt about this then go for a short sleeve to provide a little cover - Poppy - is good or Juliet.  If the nightdress is for cooler climes or Mary just likes to wear long sleeves then Vivian is gorgeous with pretty embroidered sleeves and an elegant cut or Bryony or Heather might suit.

                Vivian -

Vivien Sleeve detail

To flirt or not to flirt?  Nicole and Margo are both nightdress styles that offer a bit more allure.  Nicole is made of very fine cotton that is almost transluscent offering an enticing glimpse of the body beneath the fabric and Margo left undone at the neck has a bohemian touch of wantoness about it.

             Margo -

  Ladies Nightdress - Margo

Does Mary have a baby?  If she is breastfeeding a little one then choose a style that buttons down the front - the nightshirt Lara  - would be good for this or Emily or Eleanor if a longer length was preferred.

Finally choose your retailer with care.  A good stockist will know all their ladies nightdresses and be able to assist you with your choice based on your description of Mary.  They will have time to spend helping you choose even if it is on the phone and not in person.  They will wrap your gift with care and post it out to you quickly so that you have time to change your mind before Christmas and they will be want Mary to be thrilled with her gift so that if, despite your best efforts, you dont get it right she will be able to return it and exchange it for the style that she prefers without any hassle. All of this is available to you at

Happy Christmas shopping!



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