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New Data Protection Regulations

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As of May 25th there are new data protection regulations coming into force via the EU.

I'm sure you will have received many emails from Companies asking you to re-subscribe to their lists in order to keep up to date with their email offers.  What the Regulations expect is that businesses can clearly show that individuals have specifically requested to be kept informed about marketing iniatives and that no lists of old data are being kept for years, long after an individual's interest in the product has wained.

What this means for you at Victoria Goss is that unless you subscribe to my new mailing list you will no longer receive any marketing type emails from me.  If you place an order with me you will receive information by email pertaining to the progress of your order and you could receive a further email if, for example, I had a flash sale within a month of your order relating to the product or something very similiar to that which you had bought.  No more emails than that - Guaranteed.

On my premises your data will be treated with absolute discretion, nothing relating to your personal details will be left lying about on my desk for anyone to find but everything will be kept securely locked away.  In point of fact since Victoria Goss is an owner operated business with no other employees this is a part of the GDPR requirements which is not difficult to ensure will be consistently maintained.  There are no cleaners coming onto my premises who might see your data and no other emloyees who could copy it.  You can be confident that only I see your details and I will keep them totally confidential.

If you do choose to subscribe to my newsletter, and I will be delighted if you do, you will receive 6 emails per year, one every two months.  These will contain first views of new products, subscriber only discounts and competitions, local news, and other items that may be of relevant interest.  I dont intend to swamp your inbox with an email a day, a week or even a month.  Just newsy emails that I hope you will enjoy reading and find of benefit or interest every two months.  Your email details will be held securely through a third party system who meet the new GDPR standards.

I truly hope that you will subscribe to hear from me but if you choose not to please do watch the events page on my website for interesting things happening and keep an eye on my Facebook page for other details.


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