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This is where you will find my suggestions and tips for choosing, buying and taking care of your new cotton nightwear.  Sometimes some other handy hints or articles about how and where your cotton garments are sourced and produced.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

Creating A Catalogue for Victoria Goss

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I have decided that it is time Victoria Goss had a catalogue.  Nothing fancy, just a small booklet that customers can request if they prefer not to look at products online.  It will feature some of my most popular products in an easy to read format.

However, I have never tried to create a catalogue before so this is a bit of a challenge.  By chance I have managed to secure the help of a team who will not only provide the images for the catalogue but have also found me some new models as my lovely regular model, whom you may have seen on my website, is currently living in New Zealand and even I can appreciate that expecting her to make the trip home to pose is not a very sensible idea.  They have also found a location for the shoot and will provide a stylist for the hair & make-up.  I feel this is all a very positive start and just hope that when the big day arrives for the photographs to be taken the ironing lady (that's me by the way) will be up to the job!

I will be posting more updates on the project as it progresses and hope you will find them interesting.


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