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Easter Gift Idea

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Sometimes a large chocolate egg is not everybody's favourite gift at Easter.  They may not have a sweet tooth, they may be watching their here is a pretty little alternative to the traditional Easter gift.

Take a charming little dish, I chose one that had a little bird on the side.  Pop in a few bits of twig or a small handful of straw shaping it to look nest-like.  Deceorate the twigs with colourful Spring blossoms or tiny flowers and a few fresh green leaves.  Add a few chocolate mini eggs to complete.  

Put your little gift on the table at breakfast time to surprise the recipient.  It will be a gift that will last much longer than the few chocolates that it contains and if you wish to add a little more to it as I did because the dish I used was a soapdish, you can add a bar of fragrant handmade soap or two.  Perfect!


White china bird soap dish; twigs;blossoms;mini chocolate eggs;handmade soap

Time to put together:

No more than 15 minutes.


Happy Easter!


Easter Gift Idea - Bird soap dish with mini eggsEaster Gift Idea - Bird soap dish with assorted handmade soaps

Easter Gift Idea - Bird soap dish with rose geranium soap

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