Meet the makers and manufacturers behind the products that are sold by Victoria Goss.  Read a little information about how they work, where they work and who they work with.  




In an age of man made fibres, CottonReal believe there is nothing quite like that feeling of slipping on a garment that has the crisp fresh sensation of being made from 100% natural cotton.

Using only the finest cotton lawns, voiles, poplins and accessories ensures that every Cottonreal product meets the highest standards of comfort..

CottonReal are proud of their standards of ethical conduct and integrity in business both in the UK and with their overseas associates.  They support sustainability and the environment and strive to reduce their carbon footprint where possible. As such, they are a brochure free company, but where paper is the only option, they ensure it is sourced from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

With offices in London and Lincolnshire along with production units in Turkey, Thailand & India, Cottonreal's primary aim is to produce impeccably styled, Victorian inspired yet contemporary, luxury cotton and pure silk sleepwear that delivers  a premier shopping experience.